Honors wordsmith awaits law school

Honors alumna Lindsay Bookout '16 has become a self-employed freelance proofreader while she studies for the LSAT and works towards law school for fall 2021. Like most Honors students, Bookout has pursued multiple areas of study across disciplines. She graduated from Appalachian with three B.A. degrees:  in English with a concentration in professional writing, in political science, and in languages, literatures and cultures with a concentration in French and Francophone studies. In Honors at Appalachian, she completed her thesis, Who Deserves A Quality Education?: Problems And Possibilities For Education In The United States, with Dr. Brandy Bryson, associate professor in the Department of Leadership and Educational Studies, as her director, and Dr. Catherine Marcum, associate professor in the Department of Government and Justice Studies, as her second reader.

Since then, she has been working as  Pendulum Proofreading with Reportex, a full-service court reporting and transcription firm in Canada. To learn more about this Honors self-starter, check out the recent story "Appalachian State University alumna and self-professed “grammar nerd” Lindsay Bookout ’16, of Wilmington, would never call herself a hero, and yet, she is in the business of saving" by Jessica Stump in AppalachianToday. 

Published: Oct 28, 2019 2:18pm