A Quest to Find King Arthur in Modern Britian

This past semester, Honors "King Arthur" seminar went on a quest to the United Kingdon in search of King Arthur. From our home base in Bath, Honors Faculty Member Dr. Alexandra Hellenbrand and Director of Student Services for the Honors College Dr. Angela Mead led sixteen Honors students on an exploration if Arthurian-linked sites. They visited the grave of King Arthur and his queen, Guinevere, at the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey (photo right), and then climbed the very tall hill that houses the Glastonbury Tor, rumored to be the entrance to Avalon, where Arthur was taken to heal from his wounds in his last battle.  We also visited Caerleon in Wales, a Roman fort that is believed by some to be the actual location of Camelot (photo shown here).  Of course, the trip to England included a visit to Stonehenge in Salisbury, which myth holds was built by Merlin. Students got the full honors experience with this seminar and international experience all wrapped in one. 

Students at ruins of Glastonbury
Published: Jul 6, 2015 4:24pm