Honors College Special Research Grants

The Honors College at Appalachian strongly supports student research, scholarship, and creative activity. We are excited to report that, thanks to the generosity of some private donors and of Chancellor Sheri Everts and the Division of Academic Affairs, we now have some funding available to support this work and its public dissemination.  Honors College students should submit applications for this funding well in advance of their travel dates and/or anticipated purchase of supplies, equipment, or services. 

Honors College Research funding is intended to help meet the costs of

  • Equipment, supplies, or services for Honors research, scholarship, or creative activity
  • Travel to collect data and/or conduct research or creative activity
  • Certain internships, service-learning projects, or professional development activities

Honors College Research funding may not cover

  • Food and beverage expenses
  • Payments to human subjects
  • Gift certificate or gift card purchases
  • MTurk or Amazon payments

Application Requirements

  • Be in good academic standing and be making demonstrable progress toward graduating with University Honors
  • Discuss and review your proposal with your faculty mentor prior to submitting an application
  • Submit a project title, contact information for your faculty mentor, a detailed project description written for non-experts, and a compelling budget justification
  • If your project involves working with human subjects or animals, obtain appropriate research protections approval: human subject research requires Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval; animal research requires Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approval
  • Be willing to share your story with us to encourage other Honors College students to follow in your footsteps: https://honors.appstate.edu/news/share-your-story

 Application and Awards

Click here for the application form to apply for Honors College Research Funds.

  • Submit completed applications to Ms. Viktoriia Kovtun (kovtun@appstate.edu) at least 30 days in advance of anticipated project spending
  • Award notifications will be sent to students via their ASU email account
  • Scholarship funding will be dispersed through Student Accounts

With our gratitude to private benefactors of the Honors College.