Honors College COVID-related Academic Policies

We in the Honors College take pride in giving our students unconditional support in their intellectual, personal, and professional needs and endeavors. During this global pandemic especially, this means using flexibility, understanding, and creativity to help Honors College students fulfill their Honors College requirements and make progress toward graduation. Simply put: we will not let COVID-19 take away your opportunities to pursue and complete an Honors College education! Students with questions about fulfilling requirements—especially our wonderful International Education Requirement—should reach out to their Honors College academic mentor, to Director of Advising and Student Services Dr. Angela Mead, or to Dean Jeff right away:  we’ll quickly schedule a meeting to work out the details and a plan for moving forward.  We look forward to these conversations!

Students currently engaged in researching and/or writing an Honors College thesis may need special support and counsel during the time of COVID-19.  Please turn to Dean Jeff with all thesis questions and concerns, from tiny to huge:  we will help!