Skye-Anne Tschoepe awarded Sigma Xi Grant in Aid of Research for local hydrogeology study

Honors sophomore Skye-Anne Tschoepe has been awarded $1,000 for the Grant in Aid of Research from The Scientific Research Honor Society, Sigma Xi, the international honor society of science and engineering. On her research study, Tschoepe is working with Dr. William Anderson, professor and chair of the Department of Geologic and Environmental Sciences. Last year, in support of this same research project, Tschoepe was also awarded an Honors College Special Research Grant sponsored by a wonderful donor who has asked to remain anonymous. She  plans to build this research into her Honors thesis. She explained,

“This project will deepen our understanding of how to protect our water quality as Appalachian State and Boone continue to develop.”

Photo above shows Tschoepe’s study site in the Clawson-Burnley wetland. Photo by Skye-Anne Tschoepe.


In this study, Tschoepe is investigating two stormwater management systems in Boone. The findings will be applicable to similar watersheds and will help the Town of Boone and Watauga County protect Boone Creek and the South Fork New River. Boone Creek has experienced the negative impacts of road deicing salt and temperature surges from stormwater runoff and earlier restoration efforts have been relatively ineffective in protecting the stream. With funding from this award, she plans to install a well that will allow her to monitor the salt ion concentration of groundwater between the Clawson-Burnley wetland (at the greenway in Boone) and the stream that runs parallel. 

Photo above features one (of two) of Tschoepe’s electrical conductivity probes in the Clawson-Burnley wetland. Photo by Skye-Anne Tschoepe.

After graduating, Tschoepe plans to continue studying hydrogeology. With this research and competitive award, she has a strong foundation for success. 


Top photo of Skye-Ann Tscheope. Photo submitted. 





Published: Jan 12, 2021 9:16am