Departmental Honors

Students who wish to do a disciplinary deep dive into their majors can pursue departmental or program honors (or College Honors, for students in all majors in the Walker College of Business). Students generally begin departmental honors in the sophomore or junior year, take several honors courses in their majors, and develop and complete an honors thesis in a topic related to their majors. Specific requirements, which vary by program, can be found in the University's Undergraduate Bulletin under the relevant department, but most require a 3.45 GPA. 

Students in the Honors College may pursue departmental honors in addition to University Honors, in which case a single thesis will generally cover the requirements of both programs. In addition, students not in the Honors College may be invited to pursue departmental honors in their majors. Departmental honors are especially ideal for transfer students. See the list of departmental honors programs on campus for more details.

Departmental honors are currently available in many departments and programs across campus. If a department or program that does not currently have an honors program is interested in developing one, please contact Dr. Heather Waldroup at for more information.