Honors Thesis

All students wishing to graduate with University Honors from the Honors College must complete a minimum three-hour Honors College Thesis. These intense, individually designed and directed experiences demand a great deal of both the student and their thesis committee, but the rewards are just as great. As a smaller version of a master's thesis, this experience should immerse the students in the field they are researching and provide them an immediate and intimate engagement with the material they are studying.

"My Honors thesis is a challenge like no other. It's more than just a research project; it's an opportunity to apply everything I have learned as an undergrad at Appalachian State to do independent work of my own. It's a time when I find results and, instead of being told what this means, my advisor asks me, "What do you think this means? What do you expect to find?" It's a time when I set my own schedule, accomplish my own goals, and make myself proud. It has definitely been and will continue to be challenging, but I have the guidance of amazing professors at ASU. And all of the skills this thesis is developing will be incredibly useful for medical school next year: organization, accountability, dedication, and the ability to problem solve and think critically."   -Margo Pray 2013 Honors Graduate



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Types of Theses

Theses will vary depending on the discipline. In general, an honors thesis will take the form of a longer research paper or a more developed creative project. The scope and length of the work will fall somewhere between a typical capstone project and a master's thesis. Creative projects must include a written component of at least 10 pages describing the process and project in addition to a copy of the project itself (such as a recording, film, or set of images).

Honors College Thesis vs. Departmental Honors Thesis

It is possible to use the same thesis to satisfy both the Honors College and departmental honors graduation requirements, if students are pursuing both programs. The thesis must meet all University Honors thesis guidelines as well as the respective department’s requirements. Where conflicts appear, the student must check with both the department and Honors College for the acceptable format.