Spring 2022 Thesis Submissions

University Honors students completing their thesis should submit the following to honorsthesis@appstate.edu as a single email no later than Friday, April 29, 2022:

 1. Digital copy of your complete thesis (title page, abstract, and thesis itself) as a single .pdf file.

  • Your digital copy does not need signatures on the title page.

2. Hard copy of your title page signed by your thesis committee.

  • Electronic or scanned signatures are acceptable.

  • You do not need to get Dean Vahlbusch’s signature on the title page as he will sign them all at once after the submission deadline.

  • A sample title page for University Honors thesis can be found here.

3. If students wish to include their thesis in the NC Docks Digital Archive, they should first review this form and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of including their work in this open access database with their faculty mentors. Students who plan to publish their thesis, patent any information contained in their thesis, and/or whose thesis contains creative work (including creative writing, original art/design work or plans) should be especially mindful of various intellectual property issues, and discuss these with their faculty mentors and the Library if necessary.

 If the student decides that they do wish to include their thesis in NC Docks, they should do the following:

  • Along with the digital copy of their thesis and the signed title page, students should submit a signed and completed release form for NC Docks, available here. Scanned signatures are acceptable. 

Students should read the release form closely before signing, and discuss any questions with their faculty mentors. 

  • Students must also complete the thesis metadata form, available here. Theses will not be included in NC Docks if this form has not been completed.

The digital copy of the thesis submitted to the Honors College will be included in NC Docks as submitted. We do not proofread or otherwise check these files. Students should ensure that they are submitting a final, complete copy of their thesis with all errors corrected.


Please contact Ms. Jessica Yandow via email (yandowjm@appstate.edu) with any questions or concerns you may have about the thesis submission process.