The Appalachian Honors Association (AHA!)

AHA! is the student-elected organization for The Honors College student body. The primary goal of AHA! is to facilitate community building among and support for Honors students. Fisrt-year students are especially encouraged to participate; AHA! provides invaluable interaction with upperclass mentors/peers helping students assimilate to the Honors community. Meetings foster a sense of togetherness among students and emphasize the importance of having a well-rounded App State experience.

The elected officers serve as the Honors College Student Advisory Board, providing a liaison between the students and the Honors faculty, staff, and the HC Advisory Board.  As an officially recognized App State club, AHA! additionally helps increase Honors visibility throughout campus.

The current Honors Association leadership, with support from their Honors Advisor and the CSIL, have great plans for this year, so join in and get involved!

The president in AHA! serves as part of the ad hoc three-person grievance subcommittee representative in the need of such an event. For more information see The Honors College Policies on Academic Integrity and Code of Student Conduct.